Beyond Betty is here to support individuals and families.

We provide tools for life, not just recovery.

With Get Recovered, you find hope of a fulfilling life in long term recovery, develop tools to break through isolation and build community, and nourish your recovery capital.  

Recovery can be challenging, and we journey with you every step of the way. Your team is here for the long haul and brings years of lived experience and, when needed, clinical expertise to the process.

We provide a gender-inclusive, person-centered, and strength-based approach to long-term recovery management


To make significantly improved recovery outcomes available to all.


A continuum of care which thoroughly wraps around and supports those wanting long-term recovery engagement.

Philosophy Building Blocks


Long-term recovery management is effective for chronic health conditions, including addiction


12-step programs of recovery are effective and evidence-based, although there can be barriers for participants to overcome


There are multiple pathways to recovery and to building recovery capital


Stress is not a requirement, and joy is fundamental


Addiction education saves lives, reduces stigma, and strengthens community


Support from family, and significant others improves recovery outcomes


Self-care is critical for participants and supporters


Always be trauma-ready through access to clinical support


Mental health challenges must be assessed and monitored


Personal boundaries are essential for safety


Collaboration and partnerships with licensed professionals in the field enhances recovery management offerings


Exploring new avenues while leveraging wisdom and science of the recovery movement

Philosophy Application

Beyond Betty follows credentialing and clinical ethics guidelines through IC & RC (International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium) and NAADAC (The Association for Addiction Professionals). We maintain professionalism through appropriate supervision and clinical consultation. We measure all programming we provide and strive to improve measurable outcomes through ongoing enhancements and client feedback.

Beyond Betty works directly with individuals in recovery as well as other addiction and recovery professionals.

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