Stepping beyond Recovery.

Tools for life, not just recovery.

GET RECOVERED is a long-term post-treatment engagement program.

We provide tools for life, not just recovery.

With Get Recovered, you find hope of a fulfilling life in long term recovery, develop tools to break through isolation and build community, and nourish your recovery capital. 

ROSC, the long-term model underlying the Beyond Betty program.

This well-documented and analyzed model, commonly used in Physician Health Programs, shows statistically significant improvement of post-treatment outcomes over those for the general population.

Allison Harden | Founder | Beyond Betty
Our People

Get to know Allison Harden, Beyond Betty's founder.

Our organization is supported by a Board of Directors as well as Professional Advisors.

Beyond Betty works directly with individuals in recovery as well as other addiction and recovery professionals.

Tell us how we can help you take your next step:

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