The Program

GET RECOVERED is a long-term post-treatment engagement program.

Our approach is holistic: the client and their entire support team–whether it be family, significant others, peers, or clinicians–is at the core of our work. Our efforts are participant-driven, strengths-based, and trauma-informed.

We help you ‘manage the undulating and enduring risks associated with the chronic illness of substance dependence.’ Our goal is to substantially improve quality of life while achieving improved wellness and outcomes.

We provide tools for life, not just recovery. The Get Recovered journey is a 5-year engagement program. Our offerings are tailored to individual needs and engagement timelines may be adjusted based on assessment of personal circumstances.

The key components of our long-term Get Recovered addiction recovery management program:


Help our clients find their motivational fulcrum for getting well


Provide comprehensive level of care assessment through a Licensed Addiction Professional as needed


Provide care management for 5 years through periodic recovery checkups with Addiction Professionals, as needed

4_Peer Support

Hold a high expectation for recovery through ongoing sessions with a Credentialed Peer Support Specialist


Provide assertive links to community recovery support opportunities through a Certified Recovery Coach


Optional ongoing monitoring (e.g. drug testing) for accountability is available. Re-intervene with additional support when necessary


Through the recovery check-ups and peer support mechanisms, intervene at a higher level of intensity at any sign of relapse


Integrate these components where possible within our comprehensive program

Program Details

The Get Recovered program is based on the best evidence to date that high-quality sustained recovery management initiatives of this type can produce outstanding long-term rates of addiction remission and recovery.

Beyond Betty’s Get Recovered program is delivered by a team of highly trained professionals operating in a wraparound philosophy where care is taken to create a safe container for post-treatment individuals.

Our program is:

We offer:

Cost Considerations

We believe recovery should be accessible to all.

Beyond Betty’s Get Recovered program provides individuals with a 5-year program contingent on assessment recommendations for a price comparable to most traditional 90-day outpatient treatment programs.

Take a step for yourself or a family member and start the application process for our Get Recovered Program.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Beyond Betty will be reaching out to you soon so we can plan our next step.

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